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Christopher Ranch excited about new crop of California organic garlic

Christopher Ranch has been growing high-quality garlic for over 60 years. In the mid-1990s the company began producing organic garlic, and its line of organic specialty items has grown steadily since.

Patsy Ross, marketing director for the Gilroy, CA-based company, said Christopher Ranch is excited over the new crop of organic garlic available this summer.

Organic-002-2Christopher Ranch’s line of organic products.“Even with annual increases of about 10 percent, we cannot keep up with the ever-growing demand,” said Ross. “With over 20 years of growing organics, the category has become a very important part of our overall offerings.”

Christopher Ranch is a family-owned agribusiness that grows, packs and ships California heirloom garlic as well a full line of other items.

“We strive to sustain the environment in all aspects of our operations and are dedicated to our organic product mix now and into the future,” Ross said. “A commitment to produce organically is also a commitment to sustainability and to being a good steward of the land.”

Today the company has over two dozen unique products and pack sizes in its organic program. Its organic line consists of fresh and peeled garlic, and specialty onions including shallots, pearl onions, Cipolline and boiler onions.

“We also have organic elephant garlic and ginger,” said Ross. “Our line of jarred items include chopped garlic, roasted garlic, chopped ginger and shallots. We offer both retail and foodservice packs of our organic items.”

With no slowing down in the interest of organic from its customers, Ross said expectations are that the company’s organic production will continue to increase going forward.

The company’s foodservice clients are also increasing their demand for organics.

“Chefs are requesting more organic items for their menus,” said Ross. “In addition to our foodservice customers who specify organic peeled garlic, we also service food manufacturers that use our organic peeled garlic in their processed products.”