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Mike D’Ottavio: New Jersey blueberry season shaping up well

“We’re looking forward to a much better season than 2016,” Mike D’Ottavio, president of M. D’Ottavio Produce Inc., said in reference to the upcoming New Jersey blueberry season. “The way everything is shaping up, we will have a much better yield with excellent size and quality than in 2016.”

Noting that Georgia and the Carolinas had reduced supplies due to cold weather, D’Ottavio stated, “With the strong demand due to the limited supply from the South, we should have no problem moving the extra volume at better markets than last season.”

He added, “With only four-year-old plants, we are excited to get started this season and really promote Old Homestead D’Ottavio jumbo blues. Using the latest technology such as Nature’s Eye, natural bee habitats and varieties that are new to the area, we will [have] some of the largest and best-tasting blues that Jersey has to offer.”