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Giorgio Fresh placing emphasis on specialty and organic mushroom lines

According to Temple, PA- based Giorgio Fresh, specialty mushrooms are gaining more traction nationally.

Senior Business Analyst Mark Hartwell said the reasons are the greater awareness of the range of specialty mushroom products, and they have enormous health benefits with unique taste profiles.

“Giorgio Fresh offers the full gamut of specialty mushrooms, including whole and sliced Shiitake, Oyster, Royal Trumpet, Maitake, Beech, Pom Pom, Enoki and other specialty products including wild mushrooms,” said Hartwell. “Being a category leader, we continue to invest in research and development. Giorgio’s latest offering is a four-ounce Royal Blend which is a combination of whole Royal Trumpet, Shiitake, and Crimini mushrooms. “Giorgio Fresh is one of the largest companies in the mushroom category worldwide. It is fully integrated as a grower, packer, shipper and marketer of all types of fresh mushrooms.

The company ships its specialty mushrooms on the East Coast from Maine to Florida, and in the Midwest to Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri.

Exotic-Medley-4oz-in-TillExotic Medley mushrooms from Giorgio Fresh.“With our joint venture company in Mexico, we also ship to Texas,” added Hartwell. “We also ship truckload volumes to other points in the continental U.S.”

Giorgio Fresh markets its fresh mushrooms under the Giorgio, Pennsylvania Dutchman, Modern and Green Giant brands.

The company also focuses strongly on its organic line of mushrooms today. It lays claim to being the largest organic mushroom grower in the U.S., and Hartwell said organics are becoming a more significant portion of its business every year.

“More consumers are buying organic products in general, and fresh mushrooms — being a healthy, nutritious product — are at the heart of this growth trend,” Hartwell pointed out. “Giorgio expects continued growth in its entire line of organic mushrooms.”

Giorgio Fresh is PTI compliant, which has made a measurable difference with warehouse management, fulfillment, and keeping the quality of its organic mushrooms at their highest level. The company is also strongly sustainably-minded, and its program goes back many years.

Giorgio Fresh has worked with local municipalities in composting deciduous leaves, which saves municipalities time and money in addressing the problems leaves cause in landfills. It also collects rainwater and reuses the water from its composting operations. The company has also improved its overall energy efficiency with more efficient motors and lights.

“We have been fortunate that our entire fresh mushroom line has been in a growth mode for several years, including specialty products,” Hartwell noted. “The most recent downturn in the economy did not impact our sales growth, and we feel really good about the continued popularity of specialty mushrooms.”