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Blue Book Services debuts Know Your Commodity Guide

blueBlue Book Services recently debuted the 2017 Know Your Commodity Guide, a compilation of commodity profiles, available in print and digital form. The guide includes information on over 85 fruits and vegetables referenced by sellers, buyers, and transporters throughout the produce supply chain.

“Blue Book Members requested the print Know Your Commodity Guide, and we listened,” Frank Sanchez, director of sales, said in a press release. “This valuable resource, used every day by members, is available online — but many still asked for it in print. Now, they have it.”

“The Know Your Commodity Guide provides essential information for sourcing and shipping produce in one resource,” Jim Carr, president and chief executive officer, said in the release. Data on specific commodities includes product availability, f.o.b. delivery guidelines, types and varieties, U.S. grades and common shipping containers.

“Our mission is to provide businesses in the global fresh produce industry with the best resources to succeed, and the Know Your Commodity Guide delivers on this pledge,” Carr said.