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Two-compartment clam a hit for Zuhlke

The new two-compartment clamshell introduced by Kurt Zuhlke & Associates earlier this year has met with resounding marketplace acceptance. Owner and President Kurt Zuhlke said this new packaging builds upon successes realized with three-compartment packaging introduced a year ago designed to hold a trio of tomatoes or berries.

The two-compartment clam are big enough for two people to enjoy berry combinations such as blueberries and raspberries in quantities big enough to satisfy and small enough to guarantee peak freshness. The smaller serving size is also a motivator for consumers to return to their favorite retail outlets to restock.

zuhlke1KZ2CKurt Zuhlke & Associates’ new two-compartment clamshells.The company is based in Bangor, PA, and Zuhlke said commitment to environmentally responsible, recyclable material has been a hallmark. Other green options include berry baskets, corrugated boxes, trays and wrappers. Much of consumer packaging is made with polyethylene terephthalate. Zuhlke said the high-quality material also provides retailers and consumers with guarantees of freshness. And because PET is recyclable, he said the packaging reduces the number of produce containers making their way to the landfill.

“We also offer customized labeling services,” he went on to say. The service includes thermo-forming which gives clamshells a distinctive look.

The company ships throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe.

Now that the company’s website,, has been revamped, additional services are available to customers. “We have added a UPS delivery finder,” he told The Produce News. “We have also added more credit cards.” In the near future, the company plans to add some new products to its line based upon customer requests.

Zuhlke said activity has been slower than is typical for this time of year. “Crops are behind due to weather,” he stated. Growers have had to deal with rain as they work their fields. And companies like Zuhlke and Associates have also had to weather the storm. Friday, June 13 was a challenging day. “We had four inches of rain in 40 minutes,” Zuhlke stated. While facilities were undamaged, storage areas experienced some flooding, and some fresh produce was damaged as a result.