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Freska Produce touting six-pound carton

So far it has only received orders from one specific club store chain, but Freska Produce International LLC in Oxnard, CA, believes it has a winner in its six-pound mango carton.

Gary Clevenger, who is managing member and co-founder of the company, said the company developed the carton for one distribution center of Costco “but now we are in every depot.”

He said the six-pound carton features six large mangos and typically retails at a $5.99 to $6.99 price point. The smaller cartons are display-ready and are packed in a master carton.

Freska005Freska’s six-pound cartons feature six large mangos, are display-ready and are packed in a master carton.As with a six-pack clamshell that the company offers, Clevenger said the packs encourage multiple buys. “We are always looking for new packaging ideas,” he said. “There are a lot of different ideas out there and we are all looking for something that works.”

Clevenger said most mango consumers and most retailers like big displays where the customers can pick their own mangos. The big display certainly has its advantages but the different pack options are all designed to give consumers more choices and move more fruit.

The Freska executive said the Cinco de Mayo holiday and the celebrations surrounding it did create an extra pull for mangos, but he said the retail targets for increased mango sales are Anglos not Hispanics.

“Mangos are already a staple in the Hispanic community. They are very consistent buyers. Our target market is Anglos and the best way to increase sales is through education,” Clevenger said.

Because of that, he said some of the best opportunities to increase mango sales and shoot for retail promotions are traditional U.S. holidays such as Mother’s Day, Memorial Day weekend, Father’s Day and the Fourth of July. In fact, he said the pull for mangos during these spring and summer holidays is greater than during the fall holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are typically a great sales time for more traditional fruits and vegetables.

Clevenger said Freska’s strategy remains the same, which is to be a major 12-month supplier of mangos with the ability to offer year-round programs to its customers.