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Early finish expected for O.C. Schulz

“We are really on pace to finish early,” David Moquist said of his potato company, O.C. Schulz & Sons Inc., which is located in Crystal, ND. “It seems we’re going at a good pace,” he said prior to Christmas.

“The price has been steady all season. Except for being short on volume to begin with, it’s all gone pretty well. We expect to be done one month earlier than usual. We will be done toward the end of March or in early April — versus our usual finish in late April or early May.”

2008-9-8-Dave-Andrew-MoquisDavid Moquist and his son, Andrew Moquist, at O.C. Schulz & Sons Inc. in Crystal, ND.Moquist, who is his firm’s secretary treasurer, said O.C. Schulz grew some yellow potatoes this season but otherwise has been steady for a few years on potato varieties, which are predominantly red. “We are always looking at new varieties,” he said. But, no recent new varieties have been deemed superior to what the firm has already been producing.

Of a report that 10 percent of the Red River Valley’s potato volume this year was yellow potatoes, Moquist said that number is skewed because one grower “on the edge of the valley grew 100 percent yellow potatoes.”

Thus, he said the 10 percent figure isn’t really representative of what is happening overall in the valley. He added that the yellow potatoes grown by O.C. Schulz this year do not approach 10 percent of his firm’s total production.