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Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers: 2013 has been an exciting year

Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers, headquartered in Wenatachee, WA, encourages attendees at this year’s Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit to stop by Booth 5539 and find out why 2013 has been an exciting year for the company.

“The PMA Fresh Summit allows us to be in front of the industry as a whole,” Dan Wohlford, national marketing representative, said about the importance of the venue. “Most everybody attends. It gives us the opportunity to meet with our current customer base as well as meet with prospective partners, too.”

A full staff complement — including representatives from the company’s marketing team as well as its domestic and export teams — will be available. The marketing team will be represented by Wohlford, Marketing Director Scott Marboe and Graphic Designer Jill Morrison. Visitors can meet with General Manager Brian Focht as well as Kurt Hubbart and Ellie Tucker, both of whom handle domestic sales. Paul Newman will also be available to talk about domestic organic sales.

“And from our export sales team we will have Steve Reinholt, export sales manager; Peter Pelayo, export sales; and Scott Mickelson, domestic sales,” Wohlford went on to say.

The company is one of the premiere grower-packer-shippers of tree fruit from the Pacific Northwest, and Wohlford said the 2013 season has been a good one.

“We have a lot of apples and pears with great color size and type,” he said. “The apple category grew last year, and we want our customers to seize that opportunity to continue to increase the category with Oneonta Starr Ranch. We are also harvesting some beautiful pears that are sizing up nicely and are clean. Also, Diamond Starr Growers celebrated its 100th year in business. That’s a big deal and should be celebrated.”

This year, fruit is featured in the “U-Pick the Flavors” campaign. “The idea is to let shoppers know they can pick the flavors they want in apples. You have choices and [can] try the different flavors that are available,” he said.

The company’s new pouch bag for Seckel pears will also be featured at the show. “These bags have proven to be quite popular of late, and we have some very attractive graphics,” Wohlford said.

Oneonta partnered with Columbia Valley Fruit a year ago, and the partnership has been an organic tour de force. “Sales have been better than we had hoped for, and we will continue to highlight Oneonta Organics at Fresh Summit,” Wohlford stated.

He encourages visitors to check out Oneonta’s booth and find out what makes the company an industry-standout.

“Stop by,” he said. “We always have an apple for you to munch on to get you through the show. We’ll let ‘U-Pick the Flavor’ you want.”