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Frieda’s CEO shares her perspective on women in leadership with Schnuck Markets’ team members

At the August Schnucks Management Development Speaker Series in St. Louis, Karen Caplan, president and chief executive officer of Frieda’s Specialty Produce presented 80 Schnuck employees with insights on women in leadership.

Schnuck store managers, store department managers and teammates in offices and support facilities were in attendance as Caplan offered inspiring leadership lessons to both women who look to grow as leaders and their male colleagues.

“As one of the leading executives in the produce industry, Karen is clearly the perfect person to kick off our speaker series for this program,” Mike O’Brien, vice president of produce for Schnuck Markets, said in a press release. “She is an industry leader who just happens to be a woman.”

“The produce industry is a tough industry for anyone to be in, especially women, but we are thriving,” Caplan said in the press release. “I am very impressed by the commitment Schnucks teammates have for their personal and professional growth. It was refreshing to see both women and men in the audience.”

Caplan discussed several topics, including the importance of collaboration and communication in the workplace, and how to build and empower leaders, creating one’s personal brand, and the secret to work-life balance.

“It was clear that Karen excited and ignited passion for many members of the audience,” Debbie Miller, director of organizational training at Schnuck Markets, added in the press release. “One attendee even told me she planned to share Karen’s wisdom with her daughter who is about to enter the corporate world.”

“It was such a privilege to be invited to speak to the Schnuck’s teammates,” Caplan added. “This speaker series was a perfect opportunity for Frieda’s to be active in multiple aspects with our client partner, Schnuck Markets.”