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With more than 40 citrus varieties in its lineup, Sunkist Growers is promoting the versatility and relevance of fresh citrus to the foodservice industry at this year's PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo, scheduled for July 29-31 in Monterey, CA. “Consumers are craving bold flavors on menus, while also seeking healthier options, creating a powerful opportunity for the produce industry, and citrus in particular,” Joan Wickham, director of communications... Read more
Babé Farms ready with a plethora of specialty produce for the summer months
Well known for its high-quality specialty produce, Santa Maria, CA-based Babé Farms is in high-gear to showcase its full line of produce items at the PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo in Monterey, CA, on July 29-31. Social Media and Marketing Assistant Matt Hiltner pointed out a few items that they are in good supply for the summer. “Our baby carrots are available in several varieties, including purple, maroon, pink, white, yellow, round, mixed... Read more
NatureSweet has a lot on tap at this year’s PMA Foodservice Show
Things are going to be busy at the PMA Foodservice Show for the San Antonio, TX-based NatureSweet, as the company is not only debuting its NatureSweet Tomatoes Raised Right campaign, but is also introducing a couple of customer and consumer friendly package size options for two of its brands. NatureSweet’s 16.5-ounce Constellation medley pack of tomatoes.“The company will also be displaying in a new booth, one specially designed to help support the... Read more
To-Jo featuring its full line of fresh and value-added mushrooms at PMA Foodservice
Since its start in 1932, Avondale, PA-based To-Jo Mushrooms has evolved to become a leading national mushroom producer and shipper. Today the company is operated by fourth-generation family members, brothers Tony and Joe D’Amico. Marketing Director Peter Wilder, said To-Jo currently sells to a variety of chain operators and foodservice distributors. “The foodservice category makes up approximately 35 percent of our business,” said Wilder. “We... Read more
New Jersey Peach Promotion Council aiming at retailers to promote peaches
Promotion and marketing initiatives at the New Jersey Peach Promotion Council continue to gain momentum year after year. Writer, Media Relations, Marketing Communications and Promotions Director Pegi Adam told The Produce News that in addition to continuing its already popular programs, it’s also aiming more attention toward supermarkets this year with what it has named Peach Days. “Our focus is predominantly on nutritional value,” said Adam.... Read more
River Point Farms showcasing perfectly peeled onions
River Point Farms, one of the Pacific Northwest’s premiere grower-packer-shippers of yellow, red, white and sweet onions, plans to talk with visitors at Booth No. 127 about the ways in which onions can be perfectly peeled. The company is headquartered in Hermiston, OR, and annually markets 450 million pounds of onions to its customers. River Point Farms plans to talk with visitors about onion shelf life as it demonstrates the art of perfectly peeled onions.... Read more
Headed into year four, Maverick Potato Co. in Center, CO, has made the quantum leap to all-organic product, according to Roger Christensen, co-owner of the operation. Christensen also announced the hiring of Shed Foreman/Fabricator Thomas Torres, who will oversee continued upgrades at the warehouse. “We’re continuing to grow, and going into our fourth year we’re very happy to be shipping all certified organic potatoes,” Christensen said,... Read more
When a produce distributor’s customer base ranges from Nebraska to Pennsylvania to Florida, management perspectives can vary from traditional industry expectations. Such are the challenges facing Greg Corsaro, president of Indianapolis Fruit Co. Inc. He said, for example, that his customers everywhere have a universal demand for local produce. When an existing customer recently added affiliated stores in Nebraska and Iowa, those people, like those of Indianapolis,... Read more
Ray & Mascari continues to expand and improve
Ray & Mascari Inc. continues to grow and improve, particularly when regarding food safety matters. Rocky Ray, vice president of sales for the firm, said, “We continue to grow. And it seems we are continuing to add warehouse space to our facility.” In the firm’s Indianapolis warehouse, “we are putting in a new grape tomato clamshell machine.” Rocky Ray, Joe Ray, Sal Ray and Mike A. Ray of Ray & Mascari.The firm is also looking... Read more
Fruit marketer AMC Direct enjoys its full engagement  in summer citrus program
GLASSBORO, NJ — The summer clementine market was strong as summer rolled onto the 2016 calendar. “There is good, fair pricing at the moment,” he said June 17. “I think the market will stay strong as the whole summer season progresses,” said Miles Fraser-Jones, who is the senior vice president of the international fruit marketing firm, AMC Direct. In brief, AMC is involved in trading most summer citrus varieties — and other —... Read more
DNE World Fruit covers summer citrus market from multiple regions
With summer citrus arriving from South Africa, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Australia and heading to retailers, wholesalers, retail brokers and foodservice operations throughout the U.S., as well as numerous Caribbean countries, DNE World Fruit LLC, headquartered in Fort Pierce, FL, is one of the busiest players in the business. Kathy Hearl, DNE’s marketing promotions manager, noted retailers can now merchandise and grow their citrus profits all year long due... Read more
Mountain Quality Marketing  handling Mountain Fresh corn deal
Mountain Quality Marketing out of Montrose is handling marketing/sales of Delta, CO-area Mountain Fresh sweet corn grown by Mike Ahlberg and his sons, Zach and Seth. According to John Fishering, the first loads are expected to start shipping between July 15-19 and run through Sept. 15-20, “which is pretty normal.” Sales are direct to retail, he said. Mountain Quality Marketing is handling marketing/sales of Delta, CO-area Mountain Fresh sweet corn.Fishering,... Read more
Sakata Farms’ onions and sweet corn looking ‘beautiful’
brighton, co — Although March onion planting was done during cold, dry conditions, Mother Nature came back with rains in April and May, and longtime Colorado onion grower/shipper Bob Sakata said this year is promising “one of the best-looking onion crops ever.” Sakata told The Produce News on June 20 that the sweet corn is also coming along nicely, and he expected to start harvesting and shipping sweet corn July 20, with the season running into... Read more
Fagerberg Produce ready for outstanding onion season
This season, Fagerberg Produce extended its growing acreage to include eastern Colorado. “This will ensure that we don’t have any product gaps during harvest,” said Ryan Fagerberg, part of the sales team. The company is located in Eaton, CO, and works with a grower network to produce and market conventional and organic onions. Volume is comprised of reds, yellows, whites and sweet onions. Lynn and Ryan Fagerberg of Fagerberg Produce. Weather... Read more
Lauren Del Rosario, trade marketing and business development manager for Frank Donio Inc., headquartered in Hammonton, NJ, told The Produce News that based on the erratic hot and cold spring season, the company anticipates that its start time on Jersey peaches would be somewhat affected this year. “Our traditional window starts in July,” explained Del Rosario. “This odd spring affected pollination — we just don’t know what the bees... Read more
Christopher Ranch’s organic line on display at Organic Produce Summit
Gilroy, CA-based Christopher Ranch is looking forward to exhibiting its organic line at the Organic Produce Summit in Monterey, CA, on July 13-14. The company representatives will be at booth No. 304, including Geoff Hall, who heads up the company’s organic sales program. “Geoff has headed up the organic program since May 2000,” said Patsy Ross, marketing director. “While our entire sales staff can sell our organic items, Geoff works with... Read more
Sunny Valley’s peach crop in great shape thanks to good winter chill and plenty of moisture
Sunny Valley International’s New Jersey peach crop is in great condition in both quality and volumes this year. And it’s expected to have a normal start. Bob Von Rohr, director of customer relations, said that the cold winter and good moisture have combined to ensure a nice crop. The peach trees had an outstanding bloom with a good crop set,” said Von Rohr. “We’re on track for a normal seasonal movement start of approximately... Read more
For more than 50 years, Rocky Produce Inc. has worked tirelessly with its customers to source premium, quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Today, the fourth generation of family members is bringing its style of leadership to the table, further advancing the positive reputation that the company has taken great care to promote. “We pride ourselves in going out of the way for our customers,” said Dominic Russo, part of the company’s buying and... Read more
Spice World expecting nice crop of organic garlic from all its locations
Although Spice World, headquartered in Orlando, FL, offers a wide line of herbs and spices, it specializes in garlic. And it offers all of its garlic items in organic options. Louis Hymel, director of purchasing and marketing, said the company supplies conventional and organic product to a wide range of customer categories, including retail, wholesale, foodservice and industrial operators. “We also offer fresh organic shallots,” said Hymel. “With... Read more
Competitive edge is about learning at D’Arrigo Bros.
D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York Inc. is in a unique position to provide its customers with a level of service that is second to none. “Uniquely positioned to supply New York’s retail and food service trade with the highest quality produce, D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York Inc. is one of the largest wholesale produce suppliers in the New York Metro area,” the company’s website states. Today, D’Arrigo family members continue... Read more