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Parade of rain in California, Florida's strange weather continues

The strange weather in Florida continues with rain and cold temps coming on Sunday, and the biggest grouping of storms to hit California in several years is now upon us.  California's rain began Monday in earnest and will continue off and on before clearing out Friday.   weat

The most intense locations for rain from these storms will be in the areas of Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Paula. These three growing regions are all within 10 miles of one another.  Ventura is a big area for lemons, Oxnard has some winter veg right now and Santa Paula is a big area for avocados. The region is expecting five to seven inches of rain, an extreme amount for this part of the world — more rain that they may get during the entire winter rainy season in some years. 

Santa Maria is expecting another two inches of rain over the next three days, most likely affecting harvests. The Coachella Valley is expecting 0.25 inches on Thursday.

The Sierra Mountains, which line the east side of the San Joaquin Valley, are expecting over two feet of snow from these storms.  That is great news for the water supplies needed to produce summer crops up and down the state.   

On Friday California will begin to dry out. After Thursday there is no rain anticipated in the 10-day forecast. 

In Florida the huge swings in daily temperatures are expected to continue for the next 10 days.  We are seeing lows in the 40s in most growing regions.  Starting Thursday temps will once again rise and by Saturday night we will see minimum temps in the low to mid-60s.  Then Sunday, Jan. 19 a cold front with rain will come through and drop the minimum temps back down into the 30s and low 40s, where it will stay for two nights and then be back into the 60s come Wednesday, Jan. 23.

Plant City, FL, will have minimum temp of 43 tonight.  By Saturday the minimum will be 65.  On Sunday 0.25 inches of rain and a minimum temp of 36 and 37 on Monday, Jan. 21.  By Wednesday, Jan 23 the minimum temp should be back up to 60.

In Immokalee, the minimum temp will be 44 tonight.  By Saturday the minimum temp will 63.  Sunday 0.3 inches of rain and a minimum temp of 40 and 43 on Monday, Jan. 21.  By Wednesday, Jan. 23 the minimum temp back to 60.

Belle Glade will go from a 48 minimum temp tonight to Saturday's minimum temp of 63.  Rain on Sunday and a minimum temp of 41.  Wednesday, Jan. 23 will be back to 60 for a minimum.

Homestead will go from a 50 minimum temp tonight up to a minimum of 68 on Saturday, Jan. 19.  On Sunday rain and a minimum temp of 45 is expected, with a 66 minimum temp on Wednesday, Jan. 23.    

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(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)