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Southwest starting to heat up again

Another blast of heat is coming to the Southwest starting next Tuesday. Coachella Valley and western Arizona will see highs this week around 105 with minimums in the mid-70s. Starting next Tuesday expect the temps to jump five or six degrees with highs reaching 114 next Wednesday and Thursday. The record for June 13 in Coachella Valley is 115 back in 1979. Minimum temps will be in the upper 70s this week and low 80s next week. Grapes out of the Coachella Valley last week were 88 loads, up from 51 the week before. Mexico shipped 290 loads last week down from 350 the week before.wear

Another shot of rain is coming to Georgia and North Carolina early next week, with 0.4 to 0.6 inches expected Monday through Wednesday. Temps will see highs in the mid-80s and minimums in the low 70s for the next 10 days. These are the main growing regions for blueberries and blackberries on the East Coast right now.

New Jersey can expect great weather for the next 10 days. Mid-70s to low 80s for highs over the next 10 days with minimums in upper 50s to low 60s. There is a 60 percent chance of rain for Saturday June 9 up to 0.8 inches. Look for blueberries to begin in the next 10 days.

A cooling trend is coming to the Pacific Northwest later this weekend. The Yakima and Wenatchee valleys will begin a cooling later this week that will see weekend high temps only in the upper 60s and minimums in the mid-40s. These temps are 20 degrees below the norm. By Wednesday June 13 the highs will be back in the mid-80s and minimums in the upper 50s. These lower temps shouldn’t affect production of cherries but something to take note of.

Light volume of peaches and below-normal temps out west this week. Highs in the San Joaquin valley will only be in the upper 80s this week and minimum temps in the mid-50s. The coolest day of the week will be this Sunday with a high of 82 and a low of 55. Starting next week things will change as highs will be in the low 100s and minimums in the upper 60s. Volume is still light with only 21 total loads shipped last week from this region. The only other shipping points of Georgia and South Carolina are also reporting light supplies. Georgia only shipped three total loads last week. South Carolina is the main supplier right now with over 50 loads shipped last week.

The rainy season has finally come to the central region of Mexico. The states of Michoacan, Jalisco, Guanajuato and Puebla will see high chances of rain all this week and next. The northeastern areas of Torreon will be hot and dry for the rest of this week and into the weekend. High temps will be around 100 and minimums in the low 70s. Starting next Tuesday through next Friday there is a chance of rain and temps will cool off by 10. Out west in Baja California very normal weather with highs in the mid-70s and minimums in the low 60s with zero chance of rain. Ciudad Obregon and Hermosillo still very hot and dry. High temps right around 100 and minimums in the low 70s with zero chance of rain.

Temps are a few degrees below normal this week in Salinas, Watsonville and Santa Maria, with highs only reaching into the mid-60s and minimums in the upper 40s and low 50s. Things begin to change this weekend as temps will rise into the mid-70s and by Monday highs will reach 80 and remain in the low 80s all next week with minimum temps in the upper 50s. No chance of rain in the forecast. Volumes of strawberries and lettuces out these regions remain strong.       

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(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)