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Rain for limes, good weather for strawberries

Cooler temperatures will finally come to the West this weekend and will continue through next week. Highs will be back in the 60s in coastal regions and 70s in the desert.wear

Rain is forecasted for Southern California, Baja California and Yuma, AZ. Rain will hit the coastal areas of Southern California, including Oxnard, as well as Baja California starting Monday and will continue through Thursday.

The desert regions -- including the Coachella Valley; Yuma, AZ; and Mexicali and Rio San Luis Colorado, Mexico -- will see rain on Wednesday and Thursday.

Normal temperatures are expected throughout most of Florida for the next 10 days. Plant City will have above-normal temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. There should be good weather for the strawberry production in Plant City. Belle Glade, Homestead and Immokalee will all see chances of rain off and on starting today through next Wednesday.

Daily rains are forecasted for the Michoacan region of Mexico today through Wednesday of next week. Mostly berries are coming out of Michoacan this time of year, and production may be affected.

Light rains are forecasted for the lime-growing regions of Veracruz early next week.

Daily rain in Guatemala next week with heavy rains in the Coban region where green beans are grown.

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