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Perfect weather, soft markets and good supplies

As anticipated, warm weather has caused an oversupply of production. Markets are soft on all items at the moment and f.o.b. prices are low. Strawberries are the exception, with good demand as we get closer to Valentine’s Day.wear

Florida has beautiful weather up and down the state. Temperatures in the 80s and with only a slight chance of rain on Friday but nothing to really worry about. Supplies are good on all commodities.

Out West it seems winter is over. Temperatures continue well above normal throughout all major growing regions. We are now going into our second week of warm weather and there is no end in sight. California, Arizona and western Mexico are all being affected. Chili peppers out of Mexico are seeing decent demand.

Will this warm weather lead to an early start to the spring crop out of Salinas on wet veg? Check with shippers to see when they might start.

The only location with any serious rain is Guatemala, affecting green beans.

Let’s see what Friday brings as we get closer to March and new growing regions are getting ready to come on line.

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