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Creekside Hot House, a member of the BC Hot House family of growers, has expanded its focus on specialty crops with an additional 10 acres of glass greenhouses in South Surrey, BC. This facility will focus on growing specialty tomato varieties with Big Taste that include Pink Blushers, Sweet Cherry on the Vine, Colourful Gem medley mix, Tastini grape tomatoes, Roma, Beefsteak and tomatoes-on-the-vine.  

Ravi Cheema of Creekside, which has been a member of BC Hot House for 13 years, applies his passion and fourth-generation expertise in agriculture to focus on the taste, quality and new seed variety innovations for all of his products. His lead grower, Melina Fillipoff, also brings over 10 years of BCHH tomato growing experience to the new specialty tomato facility.  

"It is great to see young enthusiastic people like Ravi and his specialty tomato grower Melina continue to expand our Big Taste product offering and be so passionate in what they produce," Mike Reed, president of BC Hot House, said in a press release.

Mr. Cheema acknowledges that he could not have done this alone. His mentor, BC Hot House Chairman David Ryall, has helped him focus on the importance of the flavor of each tomato variety. Mr. Ryall grew tomatoes for BCHH for over 35 years and now spends much of his time in search of the best possible seed varieties to grow the finest greenhouse products available.

BC Hot House Foods, based in Langley, BC, markets sweet Bell peppers, specialty peppers, baby eggplant and baby graffiti eggplant, long English cucumbers and mini cucumbers, in addition to its lineup of well-known tomato varieties.