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Ecoripe Tropicals in Medley, FL, has enjoyed tremendous growth and evolvement in recent times.

The company enjoyed a highly successful PMA Fresh Summit last October, where it showcased its new one-pound clamshell of “Lafinita” brand rambutan, in addition to sampling the product to visitors. The product is packed fresh from Global Good Agricultural Practices certified orchards, and is marketed under the “Lafinita” brand.

102 1553Mareny Perez, account executive, Isabel Hurtado, general manager, and Marc Holbik, vice president/business development of EcoRipe Tropicals.“We are already starting to prepare for a strong rambutan season that will begin at the end of April,” said Marc Holbik, director of grower relations for Ecoripe. “We have increased our volumes of papaya from Guatemala this season. Sizing on the papayas is on the large side currently [Feb. 11]. Our Kent variety mango program from Peru is off and running well. And our volume of vegetables from Honduras continues with strong movement and volumes.”

Ecoripe is a leading importer and shipper of a wide range of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables. Its growing operations and farming associations are spread across the Western Hemisphere. The company sources a full line of tropical fruits and vegetables for the North American Market. It distributes to wholesale and retail customers throughout the United States and Canada.

The company’s tropical fruit line also includes coconuts, pineapple and limes. And it handles passion fruit, star fruit, Thai guava, June plum and lychees. Its specialty vegetable line is comprised of peppers, peas, breadnut, green papaya, tindora, breadfruit, long beans, sweet potato leaf, mong toi, chive flower and other unique items. It also handles root vegetables such as white and yellow turmeric, yucca, malanga eddoes and chayote.

“Our papaya programs are year round, with supplies coming from several offshore countries, including Belize and Guatemala,” said Mr. Holbik. “We will be starting up our Solo papaya program from Brazil by the end of February. In addition to our Guatemalan mango season, we are looking forward to our Peruvian mangos this year.”

“From locally grown Florida produce, papayas from Belize and Brazil, mangoes from Peru, rambutan from Guatemala and vegetables from Honduras, our farming partners span the Western hemisphere,” Mr. Holbik continued. “The assurance of freshness, taste, food safety and consistent quality is a challenging task that is taken on with passion by our quality growers.”