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Kingston & Associates Marketing LLC said that its Costa Rican MD2 golden pineapple program is building in volume, and supplies are on track to meet Easter demand and spring promotions.

“Overall, the crop looks great and setting up nicely for good volume and quality for the spring,” said Ken Nabal, president of the Idaho Falls, ID-based company, who recently toured the farms in Costa Rica. Kingston markets the variety under the “Kingston Sugar Pine” brand.

An historic amount of rainfall in November combined with abnormal drought conditions in December and January created some temporary issues, according to Mr. Nabal, who added that growers have been working hard to achieve a great spring production of pineapples.

“Whenever Easter is this early and we have any weather-related issues it’s a challenge,” Mr. Nabal added. “Supplies are on the snug side at the moment, but we expect steady increases as we head to into early March. Sizing looks to be peaking on 6- and 7-count, but we will see some opportunities to promote larger sizes, such as 5-count. Volume forecasts for April and May are going to be ideal for strong pineapples promotions.”

While the pineapple program remains the flagship import program for Kingston & Associates Marketing, the company has recently branched out into several other key global imports, such as mangos, papayas, asparagus and sweet onions.

Kingston is also looking forward to the start of its second Guatemalan mango campaign with the first shipments of Tommy Atkins and Ataulfos expected to begin late March.

“Our strong focus on customer service, overall dependability and long-standing grower relationships have allowed these programs to flourish,” said Mr. Nabal. “We are working hard to build our ‘Kingston’ brand and remain focused in delivering our brand promise, which is a relentless commitment to quality and food safety.”