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Chelan Fresh Marketing of Chelan, WA, will soon begin shipping d’Anjou pears to China under its “Trout” label, according to Mac Riggan, marketing director.

cfThe Chinese market represents a breakthrough in trade, which was facilitated by USA Pears/Pear Bureau Northwest. Kevin Moffitt, president and chief executive officer of the pear organization, announced the trade agreement earlier in January, and Jeff Correa, director of international marketing for the bureau, said red pears are especially well-received in Asia.

Northwest shipments could hit 40,000 44-pound boxes by spring, according to the Pear Bureau Northwest.

“Chinese consumers really like pears,” Mr. Riggan said. “We’ve started shipping Anjous, and I am confident this will be a great market for red winter pears.”

Mr Riggan added that Chelan Fresh is “excited overall because this is something that could open up many new markets.” He said the PBNW has provided Chinese receivers with point-of-sale materials and also has consumer samplings in the works.

“The Pear Bureau is working hard to educate retailers and importers on the proper handling and merchandising of pears,” he said.