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Monte Vista, CO — Using the U.S. Potato Board’s “Five Distinct Potato Seasons” campaign as a matrix, the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee will be reaching out to consumers in 2013 with promotional information that ties potatoes to nurturing in winter, energy and anticipation in spring and outdoorsy fun in the summer.

The USPB’s campaign was developed to reach “Linda,” a composite consumer who represents the board’s target audience (female, 25-54 years with kids under 18 at home) and who accounts for 40 percent of all fresh potato consumption.

slv-marketing-winter-2013Linda Weyers, administrator, and Malisa Rytting, administrative assistant, will coordinate on the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee 2013 promotional campaign.In its overarching promotion, the board defined five potato seasons that started last fall with “Back-on-Track” and moved into the holiday season with “Plus-Up Potatoes.” CPAC is dovetailing beginning with the “Nurture Me” portion of the campaign in January and February and then tying into “Spring Ahead” in March, April and May, followed by the “Lighten Up” in late May through August.

The goal, according to the USPB, is to “… leverage the unique qualities of potatoes” during these seasons, and CPAC will apply that to the specific qualities of Colorado-grown spuds.

During the “Nurture Me” portion of the campaign, CPAC will draw on the relationship between its spokesperson, Colorado Olympic figure skater Rachael Flatt, and her parents, with attention paid to the nutritional benefits of potatoes in an athlete’s diet and the taste and convenience of potatoes in everyday cooking. One avenue to be taken is a “Soup’s On” recipe series.

“Spring Ahead” will look at different ways to use potatoes in lighter dishes, particularly sides and salads developed by chefs. Again, nutrition will play a major part in the campaign to reach “Linda” with ideas on how to spend more time outdoors as the seasons change and weather warms up.

In the “Lighten Up” segment, CPAC will promote potatoes in summertime menus and outdoor cooking/eating ideas, with vegetarian entrees and the grilling properties of potatoes.

According to Linda Weyers, administrator at CPAC in Monte Vista, CO, the link-up with USPB is a good way to showcase Colorado’s more than 100 varieties that include the Purple Majesty, a nutritional powerhouse, and fingerlings and other specialties.

The campaign will be extended to CPAC’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, using CPAC’s website at as a springboard. The site now features tabs for various industry segments as well as consumers, with dozens of potato recipes and nutritional information available.