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Monte Vista, CO — In year one of its partnership with Idaho’s Wada Farm’s Marketing Group, Worley & McCullough of Monte Vista, CO, has seen its potatoes move at a solid, steady pace.

W&M Sales Coordinator Trampas McCormick told The Produce News in early January, “We’re shipping at a good rate, and the year has been going really well for us. Wada has been a great asset and a great partner. Their ability to work in so many areas is a real plus, and our business is good from their organization.”

worley-mccullough-slv-winteTrampas McCormick, sales coordinator for Worley & McCullough Inc. in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, said sales are good for the shed that ships ‘Worley & McCullough’ and ‘Dole’ labels. The alliance, forged last summer, brought the fourth-generation potato farm owned by Jim McCullough and sons Jason and Steven, into a partnership agreement to meet the needs of major retailers.

In addition, Worley & McCullough continues to market a portion of its product and exporting to Mexico.

“Our sales to Mexico are excellent at the moment,” Mr. McCormick said.

“Overall we’re seeing steady sales and good, solid movement. Colorado supplies are on the short side as of right now with the amount of potatoes available in other areas of the country. We’re sitting good as far as not having to match prices with other areas and have the flexibility to wait out the storm while taking care of our contracts that are Colorado pullers year in and year out,” he said.

Noting quality that is “above average with a variety of sizes,” Mr. McCormick said W&M is “striving to service our customers, and we continue to uphold our commitments and our reputation while keeping our farmers in business. If we don’t take care of the farmers, we won’t have customers.”

Looking ahead to the 2013 crop, he said, “It’s good to see some snow on the mountains, but water continues to be an issue for everyone here in the San Luis Valley. Some of our growers are growing ‘green manure’ crops to conserve on water, and everyone is thinking about cutting back on acreage. Growers in this area might eventually have to choose between potatoes and barley.”

Cartons shipped from the San Luis Valley facility bear both “Worley & McCullough” and “Dole” labels, and the operation tied in with the “Colorado Proud” campaign with a 2x2-inch promotional tag attached to Kwik Loks. The card shows “Colorado Proud” artwork as well as the Colorado Administrative Committee’s logo and a QR code link to the CPAC website.