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Indianapolis Fruit's The Produce Mom has partnered with Sage Fruit to construct a national marketing campaign for Biggest Loser Fresh produce and encourage consumers to make 2013 a "New Year, New You."

The Produce Mom is the official blog and consumer brand of Indianapolis Fruit Co. The blog is authored by marketing manager, Lori Taylor, a wife and mother of two children, who has seven years of experience with Indy Fruit as a sales representative, buyer and marketing manager for the company.

The campaign, which launched Jan. 6, will coincide with the premier of The Biggest Loser Challenge America Season 14 and promote apples from Sage fruit, co-branded with The Biggest Loser. Through a series of grocery offers, blogs, social media giveaways, calorie tracking e-networks, recipes and workouts, "New Year, New You" will inspire consumers to eat healthy and stay active.

BodyMedia FIT, the body monitoring device that is featured on NBC's The Biggest Loser Challenge America along with MyFitnessPal, the calorie-counting website and smartphone app, are the preferred lifestyle tracking devices of The Produce Mom. The campaign will kick-off with an invitation for consumers to join The Produce Mom's network on MyFitnessPal and a testimonial about her personal success with BodyMedia FIT. Giveaways for "New Year, New You" will include BodyMedia FIT armbands, Biggest Loser merchandise, The Produce Mom merchandise, fitness classes and grocery gift cards, compliments of Sage Fruit.

"We think this promotion is a great way to kick off 2013," Kaci Komstadius, social media director for Sage Fruit, said in a press release. "Sage Fruit encourages healthy eating throughout the year. However, we know that January brings new awareness of health and wellness as consumers are setting New Year goals and resolutions. The Produce Mom is an extremely popular public figure and we feel that through our partnership we will be able to convey our message to everyday consumers and increase our brand recognition -- especially among the moms across the nation who follow her blog."

More information can be found on The Produce Mom's website and social media pages, as well as Sage Fruit's Facebook and Twitter pages.