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Curry & Co has redesigned its onion boxes to provide retailers with barn-red boxes guaranteed to create visual excitement in the produce department. “We wanted something bright, bold and colorful that clearly said ‘farm’,” President Matt Curry told The Produce News. “Our aim was packaging that gets noticed, is functional for displays and connects the consumer to the grower. What consumer doesn’t feel produce starts with an image as iconic as a red barn?”

Matching bins and bags will also be available. The bold red color will provide retailers with the perfect background for holiday displays. Complimentary point-of-sale is also available and can be custom designed for customers as needed.

The company is located in Brooks, OR, and is a year-round marketer of quality yellows, whites, reds and sweet onions. Onions are sourced both domestically and globally. Seamless transitions between varieties give consumers precisely the onions they are seeking at any given time.

Mr. Curry was asked how the market was faring as the company moved into the holiday season. “The yellow market has been strong,” he replied. “Storage supplies are at a five-year low, and demand is strong, especially as we head into the holiday season. Both red onions and white onions have strong markets right now as well. Our domestic and import sweet onion programs are going strong as well.”

CurryCurry & Co. has redesigned its onion boxes to feature the look and feel of the iconic red barn. The bright, bold red color will help retailers create visually exciting displays in the produce department. (Photo courtesy of Curry & Co.)Curry’s sweet onion program continues to be well received in the marketplace. “Our western sweets, including Hermiston Sweets and Hermiston SweetReds, have had steady sales and movement,” Mr. Curry continued. “Hermiston Sweets will be available through the end of the year, and our SweetReds are available into spring. Our Peruvian program will be wrapping up as we move into January, and we’ll transition to Mexican sweets in mid-January. Peruvian Sweets have been tight all season, and they actually started the season tight due to the shorter-than-usual Vidalia Sweets and Walla Walla Sweet onion seasons.”

The Peruvian crop sized slightly smaller than normal, peaking on mediums. “But [there are] enough large onions to fulfill commitments,” Mr. Curry went on to say. “The Hermiston Sweets have had a nice sizing profile for the entire season.” He said the company is especially happy with its jumbo sizes of Hermiston SweetReds. “We have had a full range of sizes on our yellow and white onions,” he added.

According to Mr. Curry, retailers reported a spike in sales within their produce departments when school got started, and they are now in full holiday mode. “Sales are steady for the most part,” he noted. “It feels like there is a bit of a bigger hunt for ‘value’ items.”

He also commented about consumer trends. “I’m hoping that the strong pull that has started the holiday season for consumer goods continues with strong sales within produce departments nationwide,” Mr. Curry observed. “I think the best deals that catch the consumer’s eye will help drive sales. Perhaps it is a hot price on bagged onions or a large display with recipe suggestions for appetizers, entrees and soups and stews featuring onions. Consumers will be shopping, and we need to help our retailers sell more onions.”

Curry & Co. featured its “EverMild” program at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit this year. “It is one of our big pushes,” Mr. Curry said. “It is a mild onion that doesn’t cause tears when you cut it.”