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Southern Specialties, headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL, know that its “Southern Selects” French beans are so special and well-suited for holiday meals with family and friends, that they decided to adorn it with a big red holiday bow this year. The new pack was introduced at the PMA Fresh Summit in October, and is available to retailers during the months on November and December.

28-at-3.15“The package has enjoyed a wonderful reception from retailers,” said Charlie Eagle, vice president of business development for Southern Specialties, told The Produce News. “The feedback we have received from both our retail customers and consumers regarding the package is that it is attractive and that it reinforces how suitable our ‘Southern Selects’ French beans are to serve at holiday meals.”

Southern Specialties’ wide range of products are all perfect for festive occasions of any kind, and they make beautiful presentations.

Besides French beans, the “Southern Selects” branded line of fresh vegetables includes green and white asparagus, hand-peeled Brussels sprouts, hand-peeled baby carrots with tops, hand-peeled rainbow baby carrots with tops, sugar snap peas, snow peas, yellow beans, baby squash, heirloom tomatoes and Guatemalan limes. The company also offers berries and tropical fruit products.

Southern Specialties was founded in 1990 by Robert Colescott, president and chief executive officer of the company. Its mission is to provide the finest restaurants and hotels in the nation with the best quality specialty produce. After years of success as a grower and supplier to the foodservice industry, the company expanded its product line to include a variety of offerings for the retail sector.

The “Southern Selects” product line was developed to meet the needs of today's educated consumer.

As a fully integrated company, Southern Specialties control all aspects of growing, importing, processing and distributing its ever-expanding menu of specialty fruits and vegetables from the best farms in the Americas.

The foundation of Southern Specialties resides in the quality of people and businesses that make up its culture and enterprise.

“As a company, its rewarding to have traveled so far and have such great visions for the future,” said Mr. Colescott. “We look forward to continuing our enduring partnerships, and providing the freshest and most delicious, healthful fruits and vegetables to our valued customers for years to come.”

Mr. Eagle added, “We provide the ammunition to make any chef a star in their own home,” he said. “For the holidays, remember that blueberries and blackberries make wonderful deserts, and our high quality heirloom tomatoes would dress up any holiday table.”