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Louis Hymel, director of purchasing and marketing for Spice World Inc., headquartered in Orlando, FL, said the company has exhibited at the New York Produce Show & Conference since the first show in 2010.

006-Garlic-SpiceWorld-HymelLouis Hymel“We feel that it is definitely a worthy show to exhibit at,” said Mr. Hymel. “We see a lot of our customers at this event. As far as the timing, there are so many shows throughout the year that it’s difficult to think of any other time that might be better. The timing works just fine for us.”

He added that the company will be highlighting a few new items that it just introduced at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit, including “Grill Garlic-Qu Sauce,” “Squeeze Garlic in Olive Oil,” “Squeeze Garlic” in a new 9.5-ounce bottle and “Black Garlic.”

Mr. Hymel said that Spice World has several different third-party food-safety audits every year, and it consistently rates superior.

“Food safety is critical for all producers and packers today, and it must be a priority to all suppliers,” he said. “Our QA department is second to none and we continue to expand every aspect for food safety and traceability.”

Spice World recently added a new state-of-the-art, long-term cold storage at its California facility.

“We also added some additional packing equipment for fresh garlic packs and some new thermal processing equipment,” said Mr. Hymel.

Spice World was founded by Andy Caneza in 1949. Mr. Caneza is still active in the business along with second- and third-generation family members. From the fertile soil of its farm in the San Joaquin Valley in California, to its coast-to-coast distribution and leading-edge processing plants, Spice World consistently delivers fresh and flavorful garlic nationwide.

“We are completely vertically integrated in the garlic industry, from seed to plate,” said Mr. Hymel. “Garlic is our specialty. We listen to our customers and their customers, thereby providing them with the ultimate in garlic products.

“Providing the best garlic products is always our focus,” he continued. “Keeping Spice World the leading garlic supplier in America’s supermarkets, according to IRI Data, is our ongoing goal.”