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Hronis, Inc. has seen a lot of positive change for this year’s table grape season, according to Pete Hronis, vice president of sales and marketing.

“We’re experiencing a terrific growing season, we’ve made many modifications to our facility and our packaging has expanded to fulfill more customer requests. We have also added more family to the company staff, have updated our website, and are now fully PTI compliant,” he said in a press release exclusive to The Produce News.

Hronis2Hronis, Inc. family staff member Hailey Hronis.  (Photo courtesy of Hronis Inc.)“The weather has been absolutely terrific for growing table grapes. The quality is outstanding as far as what we’re harvesting this year. The fruit is just absolute ‘candy’ to the taste,” Mr. Hronis said in the release.

Thanks to the wonderful growing conditions in the southern San Joaquin Valley this year, Hronis, Inc. is experiencing increases in both grape and bunch sizes and “box shipments will be approximately 10 percent higher than last year,” Mr. Hronis said.

Further volume is expected as the family-owned and operated growing, packing and shipping company continues to expand its acreage. All Hronis produce is grown on family-owned land, a tradition held to since the company was founded in 1945.

Early varieties for Hronis, leading off with Sugraone, which replaced Perlettes for early-season green seedless, “produced extremely well [this year] and are being well received by customers,” Mr. Hronis said in the release. As with all of the Hronis varieties, the Sugraones are physically larger this year.

Other green varieties include Princess and Thompson, which are currently shipping, and Autumn King, which will be available until December.

Hronis’ red seedless varieties are Flame for summer, Scarlet Royal and Sweet Scarlet for summer to fall, and Ruby and Crimson through the end of the year, according to the release. Red Globe, seeded, will be available August through December.

The company’s black seedless includes Summer Royal, available until September, and Autumn Royal, available September through December.

To help fulfill customer requests, Hronis, Inc., updated packaging availabilities to include high-graphic stand-up gusseted bags in 2-lb fixed weight and 2-lb variable weight categories.

“Many customers now are concerned with the ease of stocking, end-buyer recognition and customer/cashier handling. The new table grape displays are beautiful and these ‘handle bags’ make it very easy for a shopper to pick up and place in a cart, and very easy for a cashier to handle at check-out,” Mr. Hronis said in the release. “We were very happy to make these available to customers who are increasing ease and convenience over clamshells in the same weight categories. The store displays they are creating with the handle bags are quite eye-catching.”

Additionally, “we have updated many of our bags so they are now variety-specific instead of generic to help educate consumers regarding the varieties they are purchasing and will know what to expect and can find a specific favorite in the future,” he continued. Also printed on the bags with the specific variety is the fruit’s seasonal availability.

“Instead of simply purchasing ‘green table grapes,’ customers will know they are getting ‘Princess green seedless table grapes’ and will know they are available to ‘enjoy August through September.’”

Regarding consumer traceability interests, Hronis, Inc., has installed equipment and systems “to make our table grapes 100 percent, fully PTI compliant,” Hronis said in the release. “Bar codes on all outgoing boxes give the fruit specific date/lot/grade information.”

Mr. Hronis’ son, P. Nick Hronis, has joined the family team in the sales department at Hronis, Inc. along with Mr. Hronis’s brother, Kosta Hronis, who is president of the company, and nephew Demetri Hronis, vice president/operations. Also on sales are James Benson, Carrie Tillman and Steve Yaksitch.

The Hronis, Inc. website,, was recently updated to include an informational movie which shows the company facilities in action and highlights family and staff.

“We’re getting very positive reviews from customers,” Mr. Hronis said in the statement. “We are hearing from customers who say they enjoyed learning more about our company and our family.”