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Thanks in part to the magic of Hollywood, “Hronis Ranch” brand table grapes got a strong supporting role in the 10th annual San Gennaro Foundation Feast of L.A., a three-day Hollywood event that raises money for Southern California charities and organizations.

Surrounded by 'Hronis Ranch' brand table grapes, KTLA Channel 5 reporter Allie McKay interviewed TV talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel to promote the San Gennnaro Feast L.A. in one of many early-morning news segments. (Photo courtesy of Hronis Ranch/Nick Hronis)

As one of the major sponsors, Hronis grapes and signage received major media coverage in California’s Southland during this year’s event, which was held Sept. 22-25. Star-power included TV personality Jimmy Kimmel and comedian Adam Carolla, who were co-hosts for the event. Other guests included Joe Mantegna, Andy Garcia and Robert Davi, actor and singer, who introduced his new album.

With Italian culture and culinary skills showcased at every turn, the Feast L.A. was founded explicitly to raise funds for Southern California food outreach, at-risk youth programs, families in need, shelter and housing, scholarships and education, and Italian culture. 

Highlights for the Hronis Inc.’s “Hronis Ranch” brand included multiple special Southland TV promotions for the event, especially Allie McKay’s KTLA Ch. 5 morning news interviews with talk-show celebrity Jimmy Kimmel in the Hronis booth with table grapes and signage visible. 

During the Prima Notte VIP launch event, Mr. Kimmel and event co-host Adam Carolla received an on-stage thank you from the foundation for their untiring efforts in promoting the gala and handling the successful Prima Notte night auction. The gift, an engraved “Cup Runneth Over” chalice, was filled with Hronis Ranch table grapes. 

Visitors to the evening gala and the three-day Feast L.A. were treated to Hronis’ premium red, black and green table grapes.

The event was held in a large area just behind Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio in Hollywood. The ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show, aired during the Prima Notte gala, featured clips from live performances by Daryl Hall and other elements of the festival.

Maggie Lane, a public-relations representative for Hronis Inc., was included in the Prima Notte evening and was included in guest shots with the celebrities in attendance, including actor Robert Davi, who showcased his early operatic training and introduced an his album “Davi Sings Sinatra.” His Prima Notte live performance with the Pat Longo Orchestra was a tribute to Frank Sinatra. 

Pete Hronis, vice president of sales and marketing for Hronis Inc., said that the event was well worth the investment, “not only for the excellent brand visibility, but because the company was able to help so many different needs in Southern California.” 

This year was the 10th annual event and attendance and donations exceeded expectations, according to San Gennaro Foundation Executive Director Ann Potenza. 

Ms. Potenza explained that in the first nine years of the event the foundation raised $750,000 and supported 35 separate area charities and organizations. 

“With the economy the way it is, we weren’t sure how attendance or donations would be, but with the beautiful weather, publicity and draw of the show, itself, I think we have surpassed our expectations,” she said in an Oct. 27 press release, adding that this year approximately $250,000 was raised and attendance reached about 50,000.