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On a Wednesday afternoon in March, the office at Tex Mex Sales LLC in Weslaco, TX, is hopping. Phones ring non-stop — as soon as father-son owners and operators Marvin and Mike Davis dispatch one order, they are on another line processing another order. Workers stream in and out of the office with various questions and problems for the pair to solve. The entire operation ticks like a well-tuned clock.

A visitor waiting for a tour keeps waiting. Phones keep ringing. Business is business and right now, business is very good.

As busy as they are, one might think the Davises are the only employees at Tex Mex. Yet the company’s complex takes up several blocks in Weslaco and the rest of the workforce is hustling and bustling at a similar pace.

The vistor wants to know: “Is it like this every day?”

“It is this time of year,” Mike Davis said. “Once the season gets going it’s non-stop.”

He does not seem to mind. With quality and service being focal points for Tex Mex, the Davises prefer a hands-on approach.

That extends to their growing operations. While the company, founded by Marvin Davis in 1968, previously supplanted their onion supplies with contracts from other growers, the Davises now control all the acreage their product comes from.

“We’ve always grown a little bit ourselves but after last year and the way things went with yields — and weather was big contributing factor — ‘we decided out of Texas to grow our own onions and that’s it, 100 percent, we don’t have any outside growers,” said Mike Davis. “There are one or two other growers we pick on because we’ve had a successful, reliable relationship in the past, but 99 percent are grown by us and controlled by us. We do have a lot of retail business and you can’t do retail business if you don’t know what you have.”

Controlling the crop means the Davises can guarantee top quality and cover contracts for clients without relying on the whims of weather or other growers’ problems.

“We’ve become basically our own grower down here,” Marvin Davis said. “We plant when we want to plant, what we want to plant, the timing and everything. The inconsistency of other growers made us decide we wanted to have control over what we’re doing. That’s the type of business we have. The customer depends on us so we have to be able to have the right kind of product at the right time.”

Fully PTI compliant and Primus Labs certified, Tex Mex Sales focuses on a program the Davises call “Onion Care,” their term for ceaseless attention to the product they grow and ship.

“Our goal is to give you the perfect onion and that’s what Onion Care is all about,” Mike Davis said. “It’s a process from the field to give our customers a great looking onion with no mechanical damage and free of defects. That’s simple and that’s our premise. I don’t like problems.”