Perfect weather leads to early Coachella Valley crops
If buyers of Coachella Valley grapes and vegetables are operating on the same timetable as last year, which led to production earlier than ever, they are on the right path. Shipper after shipper indicated that the perfect spring weather, which had plenty of sunshine, little rain and mild temperatures, has produced a crop even earlier than a year ago. With micro-climates and varying production elevations altering start dates,... Read more

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Philabundance and PWPM share a rewarding humanitarian relationship
Philabundance is a non-profit food bank that serves the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley region of Pennsylvania. Nearly 900,000 people in the region are affected by hunger. Founded in 1984 with the belief that no person should go hungry, today the food bank provides food to approximately 75,000 people per week through direct service programs and a network of... Read more

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Imported Honeycrisp adds dazzle for Oneonta
Springtime is one of active promotion for Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers. “Cherries takes up a lot of energies and efforts in the spring and summer,” said National Marketing Representative Dan Wohlford. “However, we have a couple of apple varieties that we are pretty excited about. For the second year in a row now, Oneonta Starr Ranch is importing Honeycrisp from... Read more


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Opportunity knocked, and Jack Bertagna answered
After a 46-year career in the produce industry, Jack Bertagna has called it quits — or almost. “I’m not a consultant,” he claimed. “Everyone quits and says they are a consultant. I’m not doing that. I have just got a couple of potato guys I’m working with and I’m trying to find them some accounts. When... Read more


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CPMA's more than business — the social side of Montreal
The 90th annual Canadian Produce Marketing Association convention in Montreal was 72 hours of non-stop business April 15-17. But there was time for a little fun. In the last installment of our CPMA video series, we take a look at the social side of CPMA and soak up just a little of the savoir faire... Read more