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FPAA to hold first Women’s Leadership Invitational at 50th Nogales Produce Convention
The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas will be celebrating the first ever Women’s Leadership Invitational during its 50th fall convention. The event will feature women from all walks of life who inspire and lead the way in the produce industry. The agenda for this year’s convention is packed with educational sessions and networking events featuring top women in produce. The Women’s Leadership Invitational to be held... Read more

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Snake River Produce pleased with season’s start
General Manager Kay Riley and Sales/Marketing Assistant and Transportation Manager Tiffany Cruickshank were of one mind when describing the 2018 onion growing season and the start of new-crop shipping: It’s going well. “We started shipping mid-August, which is about a week early, but we had onions that were ready to go,” Cruickshank said in late August. “We’re... Read more

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J.C. Watson ‘turning challenges into opportunities’
Transitioning into the 2018-19 Idaho-Eastern Oregon onion shipping season on Aug. 10, J.C. Watson Packing Co. in Parma, ID, saw not only an earlier start to the season but also a smooth one. “The season has been going very well,” J.C. Watson President Jon Watson said in late August. “The onions are moving at a good pace, and our early crop has been exceptionally... Read more


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Tom Lange announces three retirements and four promotions
The Tom Lange Family of Cos., headquartered in Springfield, IL, recently celebrated several veteran careers as they entered retirement and announced the promotions of four into leadership roles. AtlantaEric Hoffmann, vice president of sales and a Tom Lange board member, retired from the company after... Read more