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Retail View: Bolthouse launches refrigerated retail snack program for kids
Beginning with seven new fruit- or vegetable-forward offerings, Bolthouse Farms in Bakersfield, CA, has launched a new line of kid snacks designed to be sold in a healthy kids section of the produce department. Suzanne Ginestro, vice president of strategic marketing at Bolthouse Farms, which is one of the larger producers of baby carrots and premium juice beverages in North America, told The Produce News that the new line... Read more

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One might call Martin Eubanks the dean of produce marketing in South Carolina. A 28-year veteran in the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, who today is head of its marketing efforts as assistant commissioner of Agriculture, Eubanks has seen the produce industry in the Palmetto State adapt to market changes and as a result it has not only survived, but... Read more

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Mastronardi Produce helps children by leading through example
Children and parents continue to benefit from the high level of commitment Mastronardi Produce Ltd. embraces when it comes to healthful eating and lifestyles. “As a family company, we believe in the importance of healthy lifestyles and leading by example,” Paul Mastronardi, the company’s president and chief executive officer, told The Produce News. “Our goal... Read more


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Farm Fresh Produce Inc. hires Dennis Sever
Farm Fresh Produce Inc., based in Faison, NC, hired Dennis Sever on June 26. As part of the company’s sales and procurement team, Sever will be handling tropicals from South Florida, as well as imports from South America and Central America and the Caribbean. Sever specializes in Asian, Indian and Latin... Read more


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Eastern Washington cherry and apple crop updates
"Cherry harvest is progressing and the fruit is beautiful with excellent quality," said Dave Gleason, chief horticulturalist for Domex. "We've spent the past 52 weeks preparing for where we are right now, picking. We make every effort to make sure we pick the fruit when its ready and in good condition... Read more