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Tops expands Chef’d meal kit line
Tops has added five new Chef’d meal kit varieties to its two fan favorites. Chef’d meal kits, offered exclusively at Tops, are ideal for busy individuals and families on the go. Now with seven varieties of delicious choices to choose from, one for every night of the week, Chef’d meal kits take the pre-planning out of nightly meals and put time back in the consumer's day. “Chef'd answers the question for the person who... Read more

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Cinco de Mayo offers perfect opportunity for guacamole promotions
Avocados and guacamole have become year-round favorites for U.S. consumers, but perhaps there is no better time than Cinco de Mayo to promote the fruit and its Mexican roots. “Good Foods guacamole is an experience to cherish and will remind you of your favorite vacation in Mexico or of that special Mexican restaurant where guacamole was the shining... Read more

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Unique potato marketing effort enjoying success
The concept of produce growers banding together for marketing purposes but keeping their own identity is relatively unique, but it is working quite well for eight potato grower-shippers spread out across the United States and Canada. Fresh Network Solutions, LLC and its Side Delights® brand of fresh potatoes are moving into its second decade of existence with... Read more


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Brad Lukesh and Thorsten Rhode join Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms
Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms, headquartered just east of the downtown Los Angeles arts district, continue to add talent to its roster. “As 2018 got under way, we saw an opportunity to improve our logistics," said General Manager Josh Leichter. "At the same time, we also wanted to put renewed... Read more