The first crop estimates for the 2017 pear season are in and it’s showing that while it’s likely 2 percent smaller than last year, and coming in 10 percent lower than the five-year average, the Green Anjou pear is up 7 percent over last year, which is the most-produced variety in the Northwest, while the Red Anjou pear will be up 10 percent over last year. Kevin Moffitt, executive director of the Pear Bureau... Read more

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Banana firm Organics Unlimited peels back organic sustainability
Not all bananas are created equal. When it comes to organic bananas, Mayra Velazquez de Leon knows that for everyone to understand this, consumers are going to have to strengthen their awareness and education about organic agricultural sustainability, the identifiers of true organic foods and environmental preservation. “Organic really is the whole picture,”... Read more

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Pier 82 eager to offer chilly reception to imported produce
Horizon Stevedoring Co., which operates Pier 82 amid Philadelphia’s waterfront, is diversifying its services. Tim Brown, president, said that by August the Pier 82 warehouse will have completed a thorough upgrade of its refrigeration system. Different chambers can be held at different temperatures to suit customer needs. Pier 82 will then be in the strongest... Read more


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Tanimura & Antle brings on organic expert
With a focus on assuring organic integrity in its growing organic program, Tanimura & Antle has hired John McKeon as senior manager of organic compliance and sustainability. In this new role, McKeon will direct all compliance activities for the company’s organic program, quality assurance for... Read more