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Shuman Produce launches RealSweet Peruvian sweet onion season
This month Shuman Produce has officially launched the RealSweet Peruvian sweet onion season, which dovetails the RealSweet Vidalia onion season to provide customers with sweet onions year-round. Shuman Produce began growing sweet onions in Peru decades ago due to the high demand of RealSweet Vidalia onions. "Peru provides the ideal climate conditions outside of Vidalia onion season for truly sweet onions that are available... Read more

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Texas becoming increasingly important in global produce trade, says Ruiz
The state of Texas is currently making history in the produce industry, as imports from Mexico and other nations continue to make their entry through Texas at increasing rates. “We are serving more and more of our nation’s imported agricultural needs than ever before,” said Richard Ruiz, president of Edinburrg, TX-based Ruiz Sales, a distributor... Read more

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The Vision Cos.’ Mr. Squeeze lemon program setting up with excellent quality
The Vision Cos. are comprised of Vision Produce Co. in Los Angeles, which is the parent entity, and Vision Import Group in Hackensack, NJ. While they are separate companies that do business in slightly different ways, their shared unified national distribution enables both to market their brands nationwide. Both companies market Van Gogh mangos and Mojito,... Read more


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Teri Miller joins The Fresh Market
Teri Miller joined The Fresh Market on Monday, Sept. 19, as senior category manager. She will be based in Greensboro, NC, the city where the company is headquartered. "I'm just getting my feet wet, but I am very excited to be here," Miller told The Produce News Tuesday, Sept. 20. "They've got a great... Read more