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After a 16-day harvesting strike, Mexican avocado growers were back harvesting their crop on Wednesday, Nov. 14, but it is expected to take at least two weeks — and probably longer — before the pipeline is full, according to several sources. Jim Donovan, senior vice president of global sourcing for Mission Produce in Oxnard, CA, said there will be good supplies of fruit before that, but there is not expected be the full assortment... Read more

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Wada Farms looks to expand business in Northeast
Wada Farms has been in the business of growing and shipping Idaho russet potatoes since the company’s founding by Albert Wada in 1943. Since then, the company expanded its sourcing beyond Idaho and has diversified its product line to include specialty potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions as well as an array of value added products. In recent years, Wada Farms... Read more

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SnapDragon apple fans get  their chomp on in the Big Apple
Crunch Time Apple Growers recently brought the monster crunch to New York City. The launch party for SnapDragon apples was held at the Andaz on Friday, Oct. 26, and a live SnapDragon apple tasting was held in Times Square on Sunday, Oct. 28. The event launched the season for SnapDragon apples and celebrated partnerships with specially created cocktails and... Read more


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Agriculture Secretary Sonny announced the appointment of 16 members to serve on the National Watermelon Promotion Board. The appointees will serve three-year terms from Jan. 1, 2019, to Dec. 31, 2021. Members appointed are: Dalton Willis Borders, Edinburg, TX Cody Buckley, San Antonio, TX Jordan... Read more