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Muted tones of purples, greens, yellows and even browns are expected to be winners as consumers long for that earthy feel to bring a relaxed mood into their homes. These colors are considered natural and organic, reminding your shoppers of places they have been and more settled times. You don’t need to search farther than your local coffee shop or trendy grocery store to see these tones already in action, driving sales.

Although color and fashion experts have been predicting bright colors and flashy looks for apparel and brighter hues of blue for the home, don’t expect this line of thinking to translate to floral containers for fall 2012. With economic uncertainty still lingering among the masses, it will be looks and colors that elicit nostalgic feelings and a sense of peace that will translate to success with this fall’s floral consumers.

FRYE109-ALTERNATE-copyKelvin FryeAlso connected to the eco-iconic trend are garden-inspired looks. Bringing “green” into the home is influencing home décor like never before. Containers with natural looking lines or made of natural-type materials such as concrete directly feed the home owners’ need to bring nature inside their living space. Expect terrariums to continue in popularity and look for them to take on the old-fashioned jar look.

Flower vessel shapes will also be influenced by past experiences. There is a rush of demand for styles we have not seen for a while, or didn’t expect to make a comeback. Remember the canning jar with flowers in grandma’s kitchen? It’s back. Along with the jar look comes old- style footed vases and vases with pedestals. Simple and understated looks will also drive the floral consumer’s appetite for vintage-looking bottles and smaller containers.

So as the fury for electronic devices with instant information drives our blood pressure up, it becomes our job to do what we can through flowers to drive the blood pressure back down. Your recipe for success during the fall and post-Christmas season will revolve around creating pieces which connect us with our past and remind us of those sleepy, quiet and family-oriented times. Coffee and a game of checkers, anyone?

Kelvin Frye is national sales manager for Syndicate Sales in Kokomo, IN. He can be reached by phone at 754/457-7277 or by email at