Freska Produce Fair Trade USA is gaining momentum

Fair Trade USA is a phrase that signifies more than many consumers realize. Produced according to rigorous social, environmental and economic standards, the consumer can make a huge difference in the lives of workers all over the world by purchasing products that go through this rigorous and coveted certification.fairtrade2

Freska Produce, one of the the largest Fair Trade mango shippers in the U.S., gained Fair Trade USA certification at its Mexico packinghouses over the past two years, and now the benefits of Fair Trade USA are being noticed on the operations side.

“We are now seeing employees with exceptional skills coming to our plants seeking employment,” said Jesus (Chuy) Loza. “These employees are seeing the benefits of Fair Trade USA and how it is changing the atmosphere and the culture of our operations. The happiness and value our employees feel can truly be sensed in the product we bring to market.”

Now that the mangos produced in Mexico from Freska Produce International will bear the logo of the Fair Trade USA certification, the company will be able to help ensure that basic human rights for farmers and workers are enforced. Farmers and workers earn extra money with every sale.

“This higher wage has seen a rate of return in the plant that corresponds to the happiness of our employees and their eagerness to return to our operations, day after day. Some individuals even come to the packinghouse to seek out work from neighboring communities,” said Miguel Allard, owner of a packing plant Freska works with in Chahuites, Oaxaca Mexico.

Fair Trade USA has provided Freska an opportunity to deliver the benefits of trade more broadly with its focus on inclusion and empowerment. Fair Trade USA shows the industry and the consumer that the production of fresh produce can and must be more equitable. This message of Fair Trade USA as well as the certification and impact across the world would not all be possible without the support of U.S. retailer partners.

“Seeing the benefits of this program in the form of proud employees that are empowered through fair and equitable wages, has provided the proof we were seeking when we got into this,” said Loza.

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