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Kovacevich-Philadelphia has more than doubled in space, staff and business

Tommy Kovacevich, president and chief operating officer for Kovacevich-Philadelphia Inc., located at the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, told The Produce News that despite the market celebrating its seventh anniversary in June, it still feels new.

“This market has helped our business in so many ways,” said Kovacevich. “We are forever grateful for the opportunity to trade produce in the best wholesale produce arena on earth. The competitive nature of the market keeps our minds and pencils sharp, which is big win for the market’s customers.”

TMK has expanded significantly since moving to the new PWPM. It has doubled its workforce and more than doubled its space. The company was among the initial companies to move its operation to the market in 2011. It started with four units, and has since grown to occupy nine units, with a capacity of over 2,000 pallets.

P1060088 “We see much more room for growth,” said Kovacevich. “The addition of new lines and the expanded retail appreciation of our ability to compete offer us much more opportunity going forward.”

The PWPM merchants, TMK included, continue to reap the benefits of the facility’s unbroken cold chain, a near spotless environment that is sustainably responsible and the overall efficient workplace.

“Buyers who shop the market will attest to how this market has affected their own businesses,” said Kovacevich. “Customers tells us they are thankful to be buying here because of the ease of loading, cleanliness and always expanding variety of quality offerings.”

TMK’s staff is united with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. Kovacevich said the team is the reason the company has been able to grow.

“These dedicated individuals help each other and care for our suppliers and customers every day,” he said. “We are fortunate and appreciative to have this dedicated group that works as a team.”

TMK’s staff is also expanding. Kovacevich proudly announced that a new team member, Lori Testa, has been hired as the company’s food-safety manager.

“Lori is PCQI Certified and trained in third-party audits and The Produce Safety Rule,” he pointed out. “She will be maintaining and enforcing the food safety plan we have in place. Lori can be reached at

TMK’s locally grown program has also seen tremendous growth. Kovacevich said thanks to great relationships with some of the finest growers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware, the company is able to bring super-fresh tomatoes, corn, watermelon, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, peppers, apples and more direct to its customers doors.

“We welcome calls from anyone interested in information about our direct store delivery program,” he offered.

Kovacevich-Philadelphia is also beginning an efficiency initiative. Kovacevich said that an important area of focus is in finding an inventory management solution.

“We are seeking the newest solutions for inventory location tracking,” he said. Aand we are hoping to speed our order selecting process. Although we are looking into a scan gun and bar code system, we feel it’s so 1980s — just outdated.”

Kovacevich invites companies using or selling the “next” technology in inventory systems to contact him.

“We are all ears,” he said. “Please email me at