Texas onions set to start

If the onion market will rise, it will be a great year for south Texas and Mexico onion shippers.

CDC-SalesDean Bearden and Chelsea Bearden, the father-daughter sales staff of CDC Sales Inc.Onion broker Dean Bearden, who operates CDC Sales Inc. with his daughter Chelsea Bearden, said in late March that the Texas onion deal would begin after Easter.

“The quality is excellent and south Texas has the same acreage,” Bearden said. “But the yields are quite a bit higher over last year.”

The problem is that the market for jumbo and colossal-sized white and yellow onions is stuck on $7 per 50-pound bag.

“If you can get to $8 to $10, that’s always wonderful,” Beardan said.

Bearden, who brokers onions from many sources, said Mexican onion growers are producing excellent quality but are suffering from low prices on a “listless” market.

“Hopefully we can get the market up some,” he added. “The guys need it to keep going.”

CDC Sales Inc. was created in 1994 and is based in Boerne, TX.

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