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Mexico’s sophistication serves global trends

Nogales, AZ — The Mexican deal has stretched across the calendar for many good reasons.

“We have better technology and better seed. We have protected agriculture and better engineers and better farms that are improving every step of the way,” Jaime Chamberlain, president of J-C Distributing Inc. JC-Jaime-webJaime Chamberlain

Baja and other fast-developing Mexican growing areas “are adding tremendous value to North American consumers,” Chamberlain noted. Areas receiving this produce extend across North America. And, “secondary markets are coming in Europe and Asia. I can’t stress that more strongly,” he added.

Not all tests of new varieties in new production areas have been great, Chamberlain said. But there is advancement in fruit and vegetable development throughout Mexico.

One example of Mexican creativity is the extension of Mexican table grape production by one month, with vineyards in Jalisco. Until now, Mexico’s table grape industry has been successfully centered to the north in Sonora. Also, The industry “is developing new grape varieties all the time for North American consumers, who are exposed to much more innovative products,” Chamberlain said.

Consumers are experiencing “a renaissance in cooking and flavors and they can import whatever they want 365 days a year. The trade deals have been a boon to consumers,” he continued.

The fall Mexican vegetable season began Sept. 15, for J-C Distributing, according to Chamberlain. “It used to be a miracle if we started Oct. 15.”