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C. Baxter (Chip) Carter

Regional Correspondent

A minister's son and the grandson of a sharecropper, Chip Carter grew up in small agricultural communities in Georgia. He learned produce first hand, reluctantly working a two-acre plot -- called a 'garden' by local farmers -- that provided much of what the family ate, and sometimes spent summers cutting and baling hay on a dairy farm.

Born with two brown thumbs, Chip soon left the country for the city, where he found he could actually make a living writing about people who work. He wrote for The Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Atlanta magazine and the Associated Press before signing on as a syndicated columnist with The Chicago Tribune in 1990. He was also a columnist for The Washington Post in 1994-95, and his byline has appeared in more than 200 publications around the world.

Chip left The Tribune in March 2009 to join The Produce News, where he feels like Br'er Rabbit back home in the briar patch. He covers the Southeast from Tampa, FL, where he has lived since 1993.