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Overall Red River Valley red potato season going surprisingly well
For those Red River Valley red potato growers who lost three-fourths of their crop to rain and subsequent fields that were too muddy to yield spuds for harvest, there isn’t much that can happen to make the 2016 crop a profitable venture. But, on average, Red River Valley red potato growers managed to harvest about two-thirds of a normal crop.Ted Kreis On Jan. 10, Ted Kreis, the marketing manager for the Northern Plains... Read more

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Vision Produce Co., headquartered in Los Angeles, will have additional grower-direct deals packing La Vision cantaloupes, honeydew melons, watermelons, chili peppers, squash and Bell peppers this season. “We continue to expand our melon category with additional deals going forward with honeydews and watermelons out of Mexico,” said Donald Souther,... Read more

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Actions speak very loudly in describing Agromod’s quality control
tapachula, chiapas, mexico — Armed with a sharp knife, a tiny woman patiently crouched, stalking each heavily-laden papaya plant like a hungry, prowling, young lioness. She slowing circled to study all options in choosing from the lowest Maradols, which are the first to ripen among the bulbous clusters. All of the fruit was green. But she carefully sought... Read more


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Homegrown Organic Farms announces new grower services manager
Homegrown Organic Farms recently hired Caylan Gingerich, who is now operating as a grower services manager for the company’s organic blueberry category and will be based out of Jefferson, OR. “We are thrilled to have Caylan on board," Chad Hansen, Homegrown Organic Farms’ blueberry... Read more