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Florida is ‘in good shape’ for fall season
When it comes to produce, the sun is definitely beaming down brightly on the Sunshine State with sweet and rosy forecasts for the current fall and upcoming winter seasons. “After avoiding hurricanes and with decent levels of rainfall, Florida producers remain in good shape as we enter our heavier production months beginning in November and December,” said Karol Molinares, deputy communications director in the Office of Commissioner... Read more

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Index Fresh adds new computer system
For the third time in as many decades, Index Fresh Inc., headquartered in Bloomington, CA, has added a new computer system to stay in tune with the times. Dana Thomas Thomas said the power of computers has come a very long way since the firm put in its initial system more than 30 years ago. He said the previous system lasted about 15 years and he expects that... Read more

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Ripe and bagged fruit driving Calavo’s avocado sales
Over the past decade, Calavo Growers Inc. in Santa Paula, CA, has continually added ripening rooms around the country and beefed up its bagging capabilities at each of its packing facilities. These twin efforts have enabled the company to increase its sales of pre-conditioned fruit as well as value-oriented bagged avocados. Both of those retail offerings are... Read more


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Marni Karlin is the CEA Food Safety Coalition’s first executive director
The CEA Food Safety Coalition, comprised of leading controlled environment (CEA) leafy greens producers, has named Marni Karlin the organization's first executive director.Marni Karlin A seasoned public affairs expert with an extensive background in the food and agriculture industry, Karlin will work... Read more