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California summer grape deal adds stability to market
By all accounts, this has been an abnormal season for fresh table grapes. Both California’s Coachella Valley and new-crop grapes crossing from Mexico typically fill retailer shelves in May and continue through June, overlapping a bit with early July production from California’s San Joaquin Valley. This year has been different. Cool spring weather saw both of the spring deals get off to a slow start. In fact, in late May,... Read more

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Research highlights fresh lemon menu  trends, increases awareness of fruit from Chile
The Chilean Citrus Committee, the promotional arm for Chilean citrus in North America, conducted a multilevel foodservice research project to better understand foodservice operators’ attitudes surrounding lemons from Chile, identify purchase drivers for fresh lemons in the U.S. and gain insights around menu opportunities for fresh lemons. The Chilean Citrus... Read more

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Mission Produce’s latest resource: Size Interchangeability concept
Mission Produce offers avocados sourced from California, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Peru and New Zealand. “We continue to look for growth through diversification of supply,” said Patrick Cortes, senior director of business development for the Oxnard, CA-based company. “We are heavily investing in buying land as we strive for further vertical... Read more


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Fox Packaging adds business development manager
Fox Packaging, an industry leader in packaging innovation based in McAllen, TX, announced that it has hired Jasper Trujillo as business development manager. Trujillo joins the Fox Packaging team with a background in economics and business consulting where he helped to create standard operating procedures... Read more