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Chilean blueberry season starts with low volumes
The Chilean Blueberry Committee has announced that fresh blueberry export volumes for the 2017-18 season will fall by 1.6 percent compared with the previous season, slightly exceeding 100,000 tonnes to an estimated shipping export total of 101,700 tonnes. However, in a report produced by iQonsulting together with the Blueberry Committee, the forecast for the season also anticipates a 3.9 percent increase in blueberry production... Read more

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Chance seedling evolved into highly demanded KORU apple
In late September, the KORU apple was just finishing a successful 2017 import season from New Zealand. In the Eastern United States, the apple is marketed exclusively by New York Apple Sales in Glenmont, NY, which also produces the KORU in New York. “U.S. KORU growers are anxiously awaiting the new domestic fall crop,” said Jim Allen, vice president... Read more

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Western Veg-Produce has partnered with West Coast Berry Farms LLC, a third-generation strawberry grower in Oxnard, CA, owned by Bobby and RC Jones. The two companies have done business together for more than 22 years, and starting in 2018 they will work together to provide the industry with premium-quality strawberries in promotable volumes, year-round. West... Read more


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Erik Carrillo joins Exp Group as director of foreign affairs
North Bergen, NJ-based Exp Group LLC continues to evolve along with the strong and growing demand for tropical produce. The growth phenomenon is obvious in produce aisles and on foodservice menus across the nation. Anthony Serafino, vice president of public relations, and a second-generation family... Read more