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Second annual ShopRite Sprouts Awards
The ShopRite Sprouts program, an eight-week incentive program designed to encourage children to try new fruits and vegetables, held a special awards ceremony earlier this month. In this year’s program, participating children tried more than 104 varieties of fruits and veggies combined, including varieties of fresh, frozen, canned and dried product, as well as 100 percent juice. Those that topped the list were bananas, apples,... Read more

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Potatoes: A powerhouse of nutrition
It’s no secret that adding more fresh produce to your diet will improve your overall health — from reducing the risk of cancer and many other chronic health conditions to managing your weight, fruits and vegetables are your answer. The media and Internet are constantly abuzz with stories about the newest emerging “Superfoods” and the benefits offered. With those... Read more

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The Perishable Specialist knows fresh produce
The Perishable Specialist Inc., a customs brokerage firm in Miami, is dedicated entirely to the produce industry so its business is streamlined to handle perishables exclusively. Owned by husband and wife Frank and Ana Ramos, The Perishable Specialist deals repeatedly with government agencies and departments, vendors and the steamship lines. “We are the epitome... Read more


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Mann Packing adds industry veteran to sales team
Mann Packing recently hired Julie Bowman as the company’s Eastern regional sales manager. She most recently was senior director of private label for Pinnacle Foods, and prior to that she spent more than 20 years in multiple sales and marketing roles at Campbell Soup Co. She is based in New Jersey and... Read more


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Sunkist's  S’alternative Citrus Hack
Sunkist has released a new Citrus Hacks video that focuses on its S’alternative program, which is aimed at educating consumers on how they can reduce sodium intake by seasoning their food with fresh lemon. "We’ve received a great response to our Sunkist Citrus Hack video series, and so pleased to... Read more